MMS Workshop in Bergen in June 2018



The MMS – Magnetospheric Multiscale – Mission is a four-satellite team that was launched by NASA in 2015. MMS investigates how the Sun’s and Earth’s magnetic fields connect and disconnect, explosively transferring energy from one to the other in a process that is important at the Sun, other planets, and everywhere in the universe, known as magnetic reconnection.

By observing magnetic reconnection in nature, MMS provides access to predictive knowledge of a universal process that is the final governor of space weather, affecting modern technological systems such as communications networks, GPS navigation, and electrical power grids. MMS will establish knowledge, methods and technologies applicable to future space weather missions and the future growth and development of space weather forecasting.

The Birkeland Centre for Space Science (BCSS) / UiB will be hosting Norway’s first MMS Workshop in June, 2018. The scientific organizers of the workshop are Prof. Michael Hesse, BCSS and Dr. Tai Phan, Space Science Laboratories, UC Berkeley, USA.


Workshop dates: June 11-14, 2018
More information, including registration details, are available here.